Region Värmland (SE)

Partner Information

Region Värmland has arranged and facilitated regional and international events to develop technological innovations, based upon virtual reality for example and other hybrid forms of storytelling. Our experience and expertise is an asset for the project, as we have knowledge of initiating and managing projects that benefit from both commercial, as well as cultural values, for entrepreneurs in the cultural sector. The region has a long tradition of business support and business innovation.

Role in CUPIDO

By arranging workshops, seminars and providing a regional technological node for the project, we intend to incubate digital innovations and ideas that generate models and methods for adapting technologies so that health care, cultural heritage et cetera, can benefit from the existent gamification and VR infrastructure. Regional test beds will be tried out in close partnership with Länsstyrelsen Värmland. Sunne kommun and Rottneros park and the outcome will be made available for the project.