Oldenburgische Landschaft (D)

Partner Information

The OL is a modern landscape association that initiates and promotes culture and science in its sphere of action and advocates for nature conservation. In addition to its promotion and advisory activities, the OL sees itself together with the Oldenburg districts/counties and independent cities as a representative of regional interests in Lower Saxony and beyond.

Role in CUPIDO

German pilot region is the area around the Jade Bay (districts Wesermarsch and Friesland), a rural region where the effects of demographic change are palpable. Handicraft and industrial companies (altar carvers, organ building, thatched roofs, windmills, brickworks, shipbuilding, shipyards and aviation industry) have undergone several structural changes, have developed and are creating identity.

The OL wants to focus in CUPIDO on the topic "industry and craft culture between mechanics and digitization". Regional museums and educational institutions will work together to initiate participatory processes, set up and experiment with Living Labs. New methods will be simulate in old contexts and digitally experienced. OL will be involved in the WP accordingly.


Website: www.oldenburgische-landschaft.de