Middelburg Municipality (NL)

Partner Information

Middelburg is experienced in encouraging (young) people to start new companies, to stimulate cross-sectoral cooperation and explore new product and market combinations. The town works closely together with the Roosevelt University; both collaborate with the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Association of City Management. Town, province, Scalda and Rabobank, started DOK 4, an incubator for innovative techno and creative start-ups. New entrepreneurs get guidance and coaching.

Role in CUPIDO

The municipality of Middelburg in partnership with Roosevelt Academy (UCR) contributes to CUPIDO with its participation in a national platform of experienced stakeholders, artists, experts in city management and citizens. It will share its knowledge of the co-creation potential of new economic concepts. Middelburg will contribute to all work packages, is responsible for WP 3 and will make knowledge available, including dissemination activities.


Website: www.middelburg.nl