Kulturmødet (DK)

Partner information

Kulturmødet is a festival in North Denmark gathering an audience from artists, politicians, media, employees of cultural institutions to a general all-age public. The festival is one of Denmark´s most important platforms that focus on the role of art and culture in contemporary society. The local community can use KM to create businesses and start-ups. The festival director has a long record as developer of new cultural formats that bridge between art, experience economy and creative businesses.

Role in CUPIDO

Kulturmødet will be the partner organizations working closely with Morsø Kommune that acts as a leading partner in the local partnership. Kulturmødet will use its platform, its network and its knowledge to test and develop new partnerships and projects that can strengthen the power of culture as a local driver for rural development. Showcase entrepreneurial skills, innovation among small business and the creation of public food events in seafood oriented workshops with professional support.


Website: www.kulturmodet.dk