Heuvelland Municipality (BE)

Partner Information

The culturale service of the village of Heuvelland has develloped in recent years a wide experience in  the field of heritage and cultural- touristic topics. With voluntaries and in een regional context we worked arround themes as : the prehistoric, the reformation and contra reformation in the 16th centuary, agriculture in pre industrial times, world war I, world war II and the cold war ( cfr. several relics in the landscape).  New cultural- touristic project were realised: in each village: meetingpoints for visitors and inhabitants, ( a mix of art, information point, play ground, pick nick zone) a new visitor centre about our landscape, several heritage sites in the landscape. We explored a new way of putting our heritage, cultural sites, local products and craftmen in the picture by organising a temporary ‘Route of the senses’. It’s a try out to put a more structural offer in place. So the debat about: local identity, branding , rural livability, landscape experience, cross over of culture - art- heritage and tourism , is ‘our thing’.

Role in CUPIDO

Through this project, we want to share our experiences with project partners in Europe in our search for self-employed and economically self-reliant of cultural historical projects that enhance the viability of our rural areas and strengthen our regional identity. We want to do this with other partners in our region : VZW folkfestival Dranouter and CO7 , the regional cultural and heritage partner. More in detail: regional vision building ( ao via SWOT ), Self-reliant "route of the senses"- start ups in craftsmen, networking with international partners to inspire innovation in our region, a visitor centre as melting pot for local engagements arround landscape and heritage.


Website: www.heuvelland.be