Welcome to Oyster Final in Nykøbing Mors- Denmark’s Shellfish Capital

05 April 2022 - Published by Anna Grude
The Oyster Final is held on Saturday April 23th 2022 at Pakhustorvet, Nykøbing Mors. Oysters are the focus here – both native Limfjord Oysters and invasive Pacific Oysters.

Taste the delicacies and experience the joyful atmosphere close to the harbour with the striking former Steenberg oyster warehouse as the focal point. Experience Oyster Grill, market day, the Limfjord cook-off, etc. Come because you love oysters and mussels or because you want to taste them for the first time.

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The CUPIDO pilot in Morsø

The Municipality of Morsø has a long cultural heritage as a fishing community with the country's largest oyster and mussel fishery. The shellfish industry has through centuries been a key driver in the local economy, although dwindling in the later years. In the CUPIDO pilot in Morsø the ambition is to strategically bring forth the shellfish as cultural heritage, to reignite the pride around this trade and promote it as a future. Read more about how Maria Kjelds, projectleader in Morsø, describes their pilot.

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