VR workshop to identify future value in Norway

05 October 2020 - Published by Anna Grude
On Thursday 24 September the CUPIDO KRAFT-project welcomed people and businesses that were interested in learning more about why and when to use VR and digital tools. The event was called: “VR – identifying future value”.

The objective was to inspire for innovation and progress in the culture industry and facilitate an arena where people with mutual aspirations and interest could network. A total on thirty people attended the lectures and workshop.

The event was a collaboration between the CUPIDO KRAFT-project in Nome municipality, Com3-project in Vinje municipality, USN and Forskningsdagene. 

Forskningsdagene is a 10-day festival held annually and is all about free access to knowledge. This year’s theme was “the brain”, so learning more about immersive technology and digital tools was both inspiring and relevant. Themes that were highlighted were interaction between humans and technology, and digital tools for marketing.

Speakers were Ellen Svarverud from USN and Ragnhild Hutchison from Tidvis AS. Ellen Svaverud is an Associate Professor at the Department of Optometry, Radiography and Lighting Design at USN. She talked about interaction between technology and human beings.
Ragnhild Hutchison has a PhD and many years’ research experience in history, specializing in economy- and social history. She has both made digital learning tools for schools and achieved the Sverre Steen-award for exhibiting history in an outstanding way.