Transnational cooperation and Corona adapted activities - Topics during CUPIDO Mid-term Conference

17 November 2020 - Published by Anna Grude
On 12 November the CUPIDO project held a Mid-term Conference online. The aim of the conference was to present good ideas for transnational cooperation and new Corona adapted activities that will be done across borders in the North Sea Region.

The Corona pandemic has affected us all and it is not as easy to work with all the original ideas that were brought into the project. Some of the activities can still be completed while others need to be rethought. Prior to the Mid-term Conference, the CUPIDO partners had been divided into three groups that discussed new Corona adapted transnational activities. During the conference, each of the groups shared their proposals for these activities, followed by a discussion with the whole CUPIDO partnership on when, where and how the activities will be carried out.

The CUPIDO project has already done many great activities that have given many results. You can read more about them on this website. This article describes the new activities that were presented during the Mid-term Conference.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding any of the activities, please contact Lead partner of CUPIDO


  • Online dance collaboration with a multistream solution
    One idea is to create an online dance collaboration with a multistream solution. The idea is based on a testbed activity carried out within the project by the partner Region Värmland, where two dance groups met online for a dance-battle. This was streamed on several platforms with live interaction between the two groups. See a video from the event here 
    The dance battle concept can be explored further. The idea is to have two or more partners with simultaneous dance crews that battle, for example one in Nome, Norway and one in Sunne, Sweden. Professional dancers and culture-school dance groups or local dance companies would be involved. The timeframe for the event depends on how Covid-19 and the restrictions will develops.
  • Storytelling collaboration
    Some partners have been working with storytelling connected to cultural heritage which we will be collaborating among partners in sharing both ideas, models and technical solutions.
  • A taste of culture
    A joint storytelling of typical regional “cultural products” presented in a virtual room on the CUPIDO website and in social media (#cupidoNSR). It starts with the partners sending a tasting box, something “real” in the digital times we are living in, to each other. This will be filled with cultural products. The content will then be transferred into a story, when the partners are opening the boxes while filming and share it social media.
  • Transnational knowledge exchange on Scotland's VR projects
    Scotland is working with VR to create visitor experiences in several projects. This knowledge and experience could be shared with others to help promoting sites and cultural heritage. One idea is to build a joint virtual Center of Excellence. Another one is to send a 360 camera to the partners to film cultural heritage sites and contribute to the virtual museum. In collaboration between Mors and St. Andrews University in Scotland, also the Limfjord and life within will be brought to the surface. The ideas are for example, creating a virtual dive in the Limfjord or doing a historical story from the stone age to the future.
  • VR exhibitions and Museums without walls
    Triennial is one of the flagships projects for Creative Folkestone. It is a big exhibition and takes place every three years and was set for this autumn but have been postponed to 2021. One of the artworks – a VR exhibit – is funded through the Cupido project. A transnational activity to carry out in the project would be to create a virtual gallery of the Triennial and to invite partners to “visit”.

The next step in carrying out the new transnational activities is to have meetings with those who will participate in them and plan further. The hope is to be able to start with a lot as soon as possible. The next partner meeting where these ideas and activities will be further discussed with the whole partnership will take place in the end of January 2021.