Transnational activity in working group two

02 November 2020 - Published by Anna Grude
During the last CUPIDO partner meeting, the partners were divided into three different groups to discuss transnational activities that will be presented at the next online meeting in November. The transnational exchange working group two under the lead Oldenburgische landschaft already completed a first activity.

On Monday, October 26, the partners attended a joint online presentation "matching trends and cultural heritage". This meeting in the form of a television broadcast was organized by the municipality of Middelburg for its stakeholders. The first part of the meeting was an inspiring presentation by Rozenbrood about general and specific trends in retail, hospitality and tourism and how the world will change after COVID-19 en how we can anticipate on this.

The online work session on vision building on Middelburg in a tourist and cultural perspective based on possible future scenarios was attended by 22 stakeholders. Both cultural providers and business were represented. The results of the work session are processed in part 2 of the inspiration package.

The partners in working group two: Oldenburgische Landschaft (D), Middelburg Municipality (NL), Heuvelland Municipality (BE), Dranouter Festival (BE), University of Applied Sciences HOWEST (BE).


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