The Opera Boat – a CUPIDO product in Nome municipality

10 September 2019 - Published by Anna Grude
- We want to make this a tradition, says Janne Lindgren, the manager of the canal boats M/S Victoria and M/S Henrik Ibsen.

An important part of the CUPIDO project here in Nome, Norway is strengthening the already exisiting companies. How can we create new concepts and products by working together? The first product turned out to be a success, and we hope this can be an annual event and a new tradition.undefined

In the small village of Lunde, painter Elisabeth de Lunde and opera singer Jacob Zethner have made their home a stage. Villa Lunde welcomes you to enjoy intimate and unique concerts every weekend during the summer.

Villa Lunde is easy to see when you travel along the famous Telemark Canal. It was called «the eight wonder of the world» when it opened in 1892, transporting people and timber safely the 105 kilometres from Skien to Dalen. Nome municipality lies in the heart of the canal. It attracts thousands of people every year, for a long or short trip with the canal boats M/S Victoria and M/S Henrik Ibsen, or simply watching the boats pass through the complex sluice system, still operated by hand.

Villa Lunde met with the manager of the canal boats – the result was two extraordinary concerts on board the historic boat M/S Victoria. The passengers could watch the classical singers perform songs from musicals and operas down in the salon, or enjoy the music out in the open air, watching the magical landscape of Telemark pass by.

Lindgren estimates that around 100 people heard the two concerts, and she hopes this can be the start of a new tradition, attracting even more people to experience one of the most important cultural heritage sites of Telemark in a new way.