The Klankmakerij in Belgium

22 March 2022 - Published by Anna Grude
One of the main development in the pilot in Dranouter, Belgium is The Klankmakerij (Sound factory) which is a new visitor´s attraction with an interactive sound experience where gameplay, music and storylines are combined into a new experience for visitors.

The Klankmakerij which is an indoor attraction where game fanatics and music lovers compete with each other on the basis of do-it-yourself assignments and sound games.  

Anyone who has gone through all stages of the Sound Maker collects points along the way, experiments with sound and learns all kinds of facts. About (folk) music, artists, festivals, instruments & more. Curious to see who has collected the most points at the end of the course.

De Klankmakerij is an ideal outing for (grand)parents with children, groups of families and friends, companies & teambuildings and schools. A standard visit to De Klankmakerij takes one and a half to two hours, but stay as long as you want...

Klankmakerij webpage:
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Read more about the pilot in CUPIDO:
Dranouter Festival (BE), Interreg VB North Sea Region Programme

New visitor´s attractions and artist residence hub in Dranouter, Belgium