The filming of the national interest areas has started in Värmland

02 July 2019 - Published by Anna Grude
In CUPIDO, Värmland County Administrative Board is making films about a selection of the national interest areas in Värmland, Sweden. The goal is for more business operators to use the national interest areas as a resource in their work. For local actors to be able to use the areas in this way, they need to understand what is special and valuable in these environments.

The first selection of all the national interest areas and the work with film scripts has started. On 28 June the first real day of filming took place at Kårebolssätern in Stöllet. This is a place where farmers used to move their milk cattle to summer pasture.

-It was a fantastic day with adults, children and animals, milking and buttermilk cooking. We also had interesting conversations about knowledge transfer between generations and associations, says Sara Bodin Olsson, project leader for the film project.

In the top picture, Ingela Kåreskog, enthusiast at Kårebolssätern tells the film team about the work on the Kårebolssätern during the day of filming.