Teenagers got the opportunity to work with film and VR

30 August 2019 - Published by Anna Grude
During this summer Region Värmland in Sweden created an opportunity for teenagers to explore and create VR content during a 4-week testbed within the CUPIDO project. The participants adapted Agenda2030 as inspiration as they explored the boundaries of storytelling in new cinematic formats.

- It's all about getting young people to make their dreams come true. To make them realize that nothing is impossible, says Joakim Grass, supervisor of the testbed.

Two VR-films 

The testbed resulted in two VR-films that the participants demonstrated at 3 public screenings.

- It was a steep learning curve for the participants and I was impressed by the level of commitment from the young storytellers. It was amazing to see how they adapted this new technology and emerged into a very intense creative process,  says Josef Nyberg, Region Värmland.

The first film tried to convey how daily life can be a struggle for young people with ADD and OCD, an attempt to give the viewer an insight into a new universe.

The second film tries to demonstrate Gender inequality during a work interview.

The testbed was conducted in Värmland 2019 as a part of the Cupido project.

For more information about the testbed please contact:

Josef Nyberg, Region Värmland
Phone +46 54 701 10 83

Stefan Barkman, Region Värmland
+46 54 701 10 83