Storytelling in marvelous Sunne, Sweden

10 December 2020 - Published by Anna Grude
In the CUPIDO project, we work with storytelling. Sunne municipality has made a film in the true spirit of CUPIDO. The message of the film: Be inspired and contribute to the storytelling tradition with your experiences.

- With our storytelling-concept we create value for Sunne as a modern and cultural destination where everything is possible, says Åsa Gertling, project manager in Sunne municipality

With their storytelling, Sunne gets more visible and creates a better dialogue with a younger audience, interested in local heritage, cultural as a whole and Sunne in particular. Through a special edition of photos and short films, who are made by young local entrepreneurs (film makers and photographers) they tell stories about Sunne (in Social media) and the modern way of living and what you can expect from all the different destinations.

- By impact we show the younger generation different kind of ways how you can be part of the local business as an entrepreneur in a cultural and creative context in the countryside, says Åsa.

Watch the film about marvelous Sunne: