CUPIDO winns prize in North Sea Video Contest

13 January 2022 - Published by Anna Grude
The facade show "Light Without Borders", which was arranged in Rottneros park in Sunne, September 4, was the winner of the Teaser category in the video competition North Sea Video Contest 2021.

The prize will be awarded during the North Sea Conference 23-25 May 2022 in Bruges, Belgium, when the video will also be shown to the participants.

- It is fantastic that Rottneros park and Sunne get this attention in Europe through the video award. It gives many more people the chance to discover the park, which has been one of the purposes of the entire project for Sunne, says Åsa Gertling, Sunne municipality's project manager in CUPIDO.

Cross-border cooperation

The facade show was arranged in a collaboration between Rottneros park, Sunne municipality, Region Värmland and Nome culture school in Norway.

On stage were dance students from Sunne Cultural School, theater students from Unga Västanå in Sunne, a dance student from Norway and professional dancers. The saga in Sunne came to life on and in front of the manor house building.

- It is wonderful to see the power of collaboration locally, regionally, and internationally. Both participants on stage, behind the scenes and audience contributed to a wonderful evening. New exciting opportunities saw the light of day this evening in the park, says Stefan Barkman, film developer at Region Värmland.

Best video teaser

Light Without Borders won the teaser category in the North Sea Video Contest 2021. The teaser was made to launch the longer video from the event on social media. An opportunity for everyone to be able to experience the facade show afterwards. The video is made by Marytale.

- The video award is the result of a collaboration at its best. Young people and companies locally together with our regional and international contacts became an incredibly good team, says Anneli Jansson, communications strategist at Sunne municipality.

Powerful experience

Nome municipality arranged a similar facade show in Norway in April where Värmland had a chapter in the show.

- It was a strong experience to be on site and see the Swedish version of our common theme "borders". Our performances were local and universal at the same time. We are very happy about the transnational cooperation and our plan is to make similar concepts together with our Swedish partners in the future, says Marit Svalastog, project manager for CUPIDO in Nome municipality.

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