Nome wants to be the chosen place for sport training camps

12 February 2020 - Published by Anna Grude
One of the big happenings in the small village of Lunde in Nome municipality is the Canal Race. Within the CUPIDO project, Nome municipality together with Skade sports club, Lunde Hostel and Telemark Kanalcamping want to develop the race and make Nome the chosen place for sport clubs and teams when they gather for training camps.

The 50 km long rollerski race Canal Race (Kanalrennet) begins and ends in Lunde, and the trail take you along the Telemark Canal and through the beautiful landscape of Flåbygd.

In 2019, 360 people participated in the Canal Race, from children and youth in the Canal Race Junior to cross country skiings biggest international stars, like Therese Johaug, Niklas Dyrhaug and Jessica Diggins. The last weekend in June all of Lunde is upside-down, with 130 volunteers working hard to make it the best experience for both participants and audience.

Responsible for the Canal Race is the sports club IL Skade. They now want to develop the race and make Nome the chosen place for sport clubs and teams when they gather for training camps. Together with the CUPIDO KRAFT project in Nome, Terje Mognes in Skade sports club, Peter van Heerebeek at Lunde Hostel and Erling Skoe at Telemark Kanalcamping have searched and found 30 new beds in Lunde. This means that even more people can come to Lunde and participate in the race.


Left to right: Erling Skoe from Telemark Kanalcamping, Peter van Heerebeek at Lunde Hostel, and Terje Mognes from Skade sports club. Photo: Mikkel Helweg.

For the last three years, the national Norwegian cross country skiing team have stayed in Lunde the week before the race to train together. Terje Mognes from Skade sports club want more teams and sports club to do like the national team, and choose Lunde as their destination.

- There is a fantastic terrain for rollerskiing and other types of training, there is a rollerskiing trail from Bø to Lunde, and there are trails and roads with little traffic. It is good opportunities for everyone, from young children to the elite, says Terje Mognes.

Nome has a mild climate, so outdoor training without snow is possible from April to October. The aim is to attract more teams not just in summer, but also in the spring and autumn.

- The entire area will benefit from it. This means sales and visits to the village for both accommodation and restaurants, says Mognes. 


Therese Johaug won the women's class in 2019. Photo: Maren Sandbakk


Top picture: The Canal Race in Lunde, June 2019. Photo: Maren Sandbakk