Drive-in concert to save local pub - Nome Municipality thinks new in the times of coronavirus

23 April 2020 - Published by Anna Grude
The Corona restrictions has led to lockdown in Norway, and therefore the local pub, Nye Kampen Pub, lost their income and are close to bankruptcy. To help the pub in the short term, Nome municipality came up with the idea to arrange a drive-in concert.

- The municipality also saw an additional win of the concept, where the drive-in concert would be something positive that could fill the social vacuum in the community during Easter, says Marit Svalastog, project manager for CUPIDO in Nome.

A lot of people and businesses were involved. For example, two local bands were invited to play. The regional radio station contributed with technology and sending permission and the local transport company provided with a stage.

The drive-in concert took place on April 9 and was a success with a lot of attention from the media. The event was evaluated by Jakob Zethner, opera singer and a cultural player who runs Villa Lunde together with his wife who also is an artist.

- Villa Lunde will now apply for support to develop Drive-in Opera concerts and are already planning new events such as drive-in opera and musicals for the summer, says Marit. This will develop the pilot for a more sophisticated cultural expression.


The sound engineer was located in the community building close by, listening to
the sound over a pocket radio. A new experience. Photo: Atle Grotmol

Local Country artist Hans Olaf Kastodden. Photo: Atle Grotmol

NRK P2 created a cultural program about the concert on national radio, sent April19th. Photo: Atle Grotmol, Nome municipality.

Top picture: Drive-in concert in Ulefoss April 9th 2020. Photo: Atle Grotmol