CUPIDO testbed gives new results at regional theater in Värmland, Sweden

09 December 2020 - Published by Anna Grude
Region Värmland together with the Värmland partnership carried out a multistreaming testbed with Västanå Theater, as part of the CUPIDO project in May and June this year. The test bed has led to Västanå theater made a digital Christmas concert "Västanå jul" where they invited the audience via Facebook and Youtube.

In June 2020 the performance “I väntan på Körkarlen”, was multistreamed onto social media platforms, with a special focus on exploring the logarithms of Facebook’s new live feature. The result was a much-appreciated digitally streamed performance where viewers could also make a financial contribution to Västanå Theatre.

Additional effects
Now the CUPIDO's multi-streaming testbed has led to another fantastic result, where Västanå Theater made a digital performance in the form of a 45-minute Christmas concert. The concert, “Västanå Jul” had over 8000 live viewers and over 50.000 had watched it only one week after the premiere on YouTube and Facebook.

- Before the test bed was made, there was some digital skepticism at the theater, but after we saw how well it worked, and when we realized that we wouldn’t be able to do any live show this year, it was an easy decision to perform the Christmas concert digitally, says Marjo Fjällsby head of marketing at Västanå Theater.

Västanå Theatre saw results from having completed the testbed as reaching a wider and younger audience and also viewers from abroad. They were also gaining more followers on both Facebook and YouTube and it was easier to find sponsors for the Christmas concert after showing the positive response from the testbed.

- We could tell about and show the good results from the testbed to potential sponsors, which made it easier to find sponsors for this concert, says Marjo.

After having a good start, Västanå theater will continue with some digital investments in the future, so follow their Facebook page  to keep updated.

See the Christmas concert "Västanå Jul" on Västanå Theaters website  

Film production: Tomas Holmberg
Film photographers: Johan Haglund, David Andersson, Joakim Grass

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