Cupido Multistreaming testbed in Värmland continues

16 June 2020 - Published by Anna Grude
Another testbed will be conducted in Värmland on Saturday 17 June, where Västanå Theater will send a greeting from different parts of Värmland cultural heritage.

The event is produced with support from the Region Värmland, Värmland County Administrative Board (VCAB), Rottneros Park and Sunne Municipality as part of the CUPIDO project. The performance “Körkarlen”, will be multistreamed onto all the participating partners social media platforms, with a special focus on exploring the logarithms of Facebook’s new live feature.

- I think it's great that we do this together with Västanå Theatre in the Värmland CUPIDO partnership, says Katarina Nordmark, Project Manager in CUPIDO, VCAB. 

Körkarlen is a novel by the Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf fron 1912. The novel is about a woman lying on her deathbed asking to meet David Holm and no one can understand why she wants to meet him. Körkarlen is a story on the border between a myth and a supernatural story, it was created at a time when tuberculosis was the prevailing pandemic.

- We want to give those who long for culture, a taste of what will happen on the scene “Berättarladan” in the summer of 2021 and now presents a streamed concert performance on Midsummer Day” says theater director Leif Stinnerbom.

Västanå Theater has redefined what Scandinavian theater is and continues its journey on digital platforms. A testbed where tradition theatre converges with digital innovation.

Region Värmland has conducted a number of CUPIDO testbeds within the framework of VR and multistreaming on digital platforms.

- We will now utilize the knowledge from the previous tests and carry out this testbed with a focus on reaching the widest possible audience, says Josef Nyberg, Film Consultant, Region Värmland.

Top picture from the recording at Mårbacka at Selma Lagerlöfs desk. Photo: Tomas Holmberg