Covid-19 – Bringing museums to the home in the Highlands and Islands region

11 May 2020 - Published by Anna Grude
Within the work of CUPIDO Digital Heritage Skills, the Highlands and Islands region are bringing Museums to the Home by Creating Virtual Museums. CUPIDO and HIE’s XpoHeritage will hold a series of online workshops aimed at the Heritage sector and hosted by University of St Andrews.

These workshops will aim to help develop skills that help heritage organisations to connect with existing and potential audiences through digital media.

The impact of COVID-19 on the heritage sector has been huge with museums and visitor centres closed and potential visitors confined to their homes. At the same time there has been a flourishing of online heritage interactions, often through social media and accessible via devices available in the home.

This series of on-line workshops aims to facilitate the sharing of skills and resources, whilst helping to equip heritage professional and volunteers in working with heritage online.

CUPIDO partners and any organisations you’re working with that the workshops maybe of interest to are more than welcome to join. Further information including dates and joining instructions to follow.

See the programme: CUPIDO and XpoNorth Heritage Online Digital Heritage Workshop Programme

The Covid-19 situation has meant that we’ve had to pause some of our CUPIDO project activities, and look at other ways through digital to deliver project activities such as the on-line digital heritage skills workshops. We’re still working remotely with Orkney’s North Isles communities; whereby volunteers are developing film material within the current restrictions, which they will share with St Andrews who will then use the material to develop a VR exhibit that promotes Orkney’s North Isles cultural offering.

St Andrews is also looking at supporting a student placement to engage digitally with the Highlanders Museum, Fort George to develop a VR exhibit of a WW2 Prisoner of War camp. Additionally, working remotely with Scapa Flow Museum, Orkney to create a digital reconstruction of the naval base at Scapa Flow during World War 2.

For more information about any of the above projects, please contact:
Ann Marie Reid, Senior Project Manager, Highlands and Islands Enterprise  

Stay safe and healthy. Take care