Center of the Limfjord Oyster will be the Center of Excellence in Morsø, Denmark

24 February 2021 - Published by Anna Grude
On the island Morsø in the Danish Limfjord a CUPIDO pilot is part of establishing The Shellfish Capital of Denmark, as a way of using cultural heritage for promoting the tourist industry and business opportunities for local entrepreneurs



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Establish Morsø as the shellfish capital of Denmark includes a couple of big events like the Oyster Premiere, the Shellfish festival and the Qyster Final. But due to the corona pandemic all these events were cancelled for 2020. Circumstances which led to a different focus for the pilot in this stage.

- Instead of the events we have shifted focus and have been working more with our Center of the Limfjord Oyster which will be our Center of Excellence in the Cupido project, Says Maria Kjelds, Project Manager for CUPIDO in Morsø.

- We have been gathering inspiration, doing a line out, a project prospect and a marketing analyze. We are also in the process of procuring architects for the building itself, she says and continues.

- Along with this we have been doing an information campaign on our island, sending out information, and visiting when possible, to inform of our work and we have been getting a lot of good response. Not least from schools who are interested in what we are doing and learning more of the local heritage and environment.

Digital development and network for local SME’s

One of the targeted objectives for Morsø during CUPIDO is to facilitate SME´s and start-ups in the shellfish industry as well as all industries related to tourism and hospitality. As a result of connecting local stakeholders and businesses an application for visitors have been developed to further support the tourist industry and providing a marketing platform for local businesses.

 - Another part of our operations is helping local start-ups with knowledge about running your own business. This have been on hold during the pandemic even though we did have one online event we hope to do more of these once restrictions ease, says Maria.

- A positive example on where we have been helping out is the start of a local Wakeboard association where youngsters have turned a location not being used into a Wakeboard centre which have had lots of visitors this summer despite the corona pandemic, she says.

 Now work will continue with the visiting centre with development of content and promotion of the centre. And by working with another CUPIDO partner digital VR-experiences will be added to the project.

- The past weeks we have been gathering photos and other material that will be used in creating a digital VR-experience at our visiting centre. We will be working with another project partner, University St. Andrews in Scotland, to develop parts of our visiting centre. They have experience in this area and will provide great knowledge to us when working with promoting the centre and when developing its digital possibilities, Maria informs.

 - Hopefully next year we can resume our work with carrying through the big events that was cancelled this year and make good use of the work we did in planning and preparations.