Cupido Multistreaming testbed in Värmland continues

16 June 2020

Another testbed will be conducted in Värmland on Saturday 17 June, where Västanå Theater will send a greeting from different parts of Värmland cultural heritage.

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Inspiration package Middelburg

27 May 2020

What is the characteristic cultural DNA of each area, what can be developed, what are the trends and how can this contribute to job creation? Within the CUPIDO project each pilot area will develop an …

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Join CUPIDO Digital Heritage Workshops: Bringing Museums to the Home

25 May 2020

CUPIDO Digital Heritage Workshops: Bringing Museums to the Home is a new programme of on-line digital heritage skills workshops commencing on Thursday 28th May 2020 and running to Tuesday 23rd June 20…

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Covid-19 – Bringing museums to the home in the Highlands and Islands region

11 May 2020

Within the work of CUPIDO Digital Heritage Skills, the Highlands and Islands region are bringing Museums to the Home by Creating Virtual Museums. CUPIDO and HIE’s XpoHeritage will hold a series of onl…

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Success for Cupido Multistreaming testbed in Värmland

11 May 2020

Region Värmland conducted a Cupido testbed where dancers and artists collaborated during live streamed event.

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Drive-in concert to save local pub - Nome Municipality thinks new in the times of coronavirus

23 April 2020

The Corona restrictions has led to lockdown in Norway, and therefore the local pub, Nye Kampen Pub, lost their income and are close to bankruptcy. To help the pub in the short term, Nome municipality …

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Design pilot in Nome Municipality - A hidden treasure and a life´s work

22 April 2020

In Nome there is a well known knitting designer with an art industry and goldsmith education from the 70´s, Irene Haugland. She has designed more than 1000 patterns, and former been employed by Dale,…

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Economic and entrepreneurial masterclass “The Taste of the Golden Age” in Middelburg

17 April 2020

The Seventeenth Century, also called the Golden Age in the Netherlands is one of the most important core (and cultural values) of the city of Middelburg. Almost 1200 monuments are relics of the past …

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digital:glassworks in Folkstone - One of the pilot areas in CUPIDO

02 March 2020

CUPIDO provides crucial support for a new digital creative hub in the heart of Folkestone’s Creative Quarter, in the south east of England. The new pilot project, digital:glassworks accommodates the r…

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Cultural stakeholders' thoughts on the core values in Middelburg

28 February 2020

Digna Kosse and Lucas Mullié - who founded their studio Foodcurators in 2012 in Rotterdam – recently relocated to Middelburg. The name (Foodcurators) expresses the desire to create a new discipline: a…

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