Learning and understanding Virtual Production

Venue: Molkom Folkhögskola, Mejerivägen 3, 65560 Molkom, Sweden
Welcome to a two-day event that provides in-depth knowledge of digital storytelling through virtual production.

Virtual Production is rapidly developing into a new and exciting workflow in the film industry and could be a much-needed tool in the cultural heritage sector. This time, and in partnership with Molkom Folkshögskola, CUPIDO invites you to two-day of Learning and understanding – Virtual Production. 

When: 21 June 2022, 09:00 to 22 juni 2022, 16:00

Register: Register if you wish to participate

Cost: The event is free of charge


21st of June, Studio Molkom

Welcoming & opening
Stefan Barkman – Cupido & Region Värmland
Rune Sørgård – Studio Molkom

09.20 – 11.45
Virtual Production D.I.Y – P1
Richard Frantzen - Tech & Creative Lead - Virtual Star Studios

In the first part of his workshop, Richard talks about his journey into virtual production and takes us through the tools and work process you need to know to get started with Virtual Production.

Molkoms Folkhögskolas restaurant

13.15 – 16.00
Virtual Production D.I.Y – P2
Richard Frantzen - Tech & Creative Lead - Virtual Star Studios

In his second part, Richard then moves on to the practical side of Virtual Production. We set up a scene in Unreal Engine and Aximmetry with all the resources needed, and then move on to recording that scene. Richard constantly guides you to familiarize yourself with problems that arise and solutions that will provide an understanding of what is required of you to understand the working method from beginning to end.

Dinner, Mingle and Networking
Hotel Plaza, Karlstad

22nd of June, Studio Molkom

09.00 – 11:45
An introduction to Motion Capture
Martin Holmberg – Business Development Manager Entertainment - Qualisys

Qualisys is one of the leading suppliers of mocap in the world.
Martin Holmberg has worked at Qualisys and with Motion Capture for over 15 years, in recent years, mainly with the Entertainment segment, i.e., Animation and Virtual Production, and his lecture will be about how motion capture is used in these areas. And we will get a live demonstration with Unreal Engine and Motion Capture.

Molkoms Folkhögskolas restaurant

Cultural heritage sector and Virtual Production.
Dr. Alan Miller – Lecturer at School of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews, the Centre for Archaeology, Technology and Cultural Heritage in Scotland. How cultural heritage sector can benefit of using immersive systems.

VFX of The Emigrants – HaymakerFX
Rickard Germundsson, producer at Haymaker FX studio will walk us through the visual effects of the Swedish movie The Emigrants (Utvandrarna).

Rapping the days and reflections!



Stefan Barkman
Cupido Project manager, Region Värmland
Tel number: +46 76-130 90 25
e-mail: stefan.barkman@regionvarmland.se

Rune Sørgård
Stage Manager Studio Molkom
Tel number: +46 730572082
Email: rune.sorgard@regionvarmland.se

The event is part of the CUPIDO – Interreg North Sea region. A meeting between cultural heritage and digital innovation.

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