Värmland County Administrative Board, Sweden is lead partner and project owner.

The partnership has 14 partners from 7 regions in 6 countries around the North Sea. All in regions with an ageing population, due to both urbanisation and changing demography, and with municipalities that struggle to maintain a basic level of services and common functions. The new approach is to lift forward culture as a driver in local & regional development policies and to explore its potential. Culture in the context of CUPIDO is cultural activities (art, dance, music) as well as cultural heritage. 

The project's overall objective is to develop new business opportunities in the cultural and cultural heritage sector around the North Sea, to reinforce the economic position, competitiveness and social cohesion of local rural communities in areas with a declining population. The project intends to strengthen a viable and sustainable future economy, based on the social historic role and core qualities and values of the involved regions, cities and local communities.

CUPIDO is mainly about commercialisation of the cultural sector that contributes towards creating vibrant, sustainable rural municipalities/communities that attract people to live, work and enjoy life. The project offers its partners an opportunity to jointly share resources, knowledge and expertise to commercialise the cultural sector. It enables insight into new business approaches, stimulates the development of products and services, and aims at in average five new start-ups per area and support to existing SME's.