VR Connect 12th June - Aarhus, Hamburg, Malmo

10 June 2018 - Published by Julie Craik
Create Converge is getting really truly virtual with an event you can attend simultaneously in Aarhus, Denmark, Hamburg, Germany and Malmo, Sweden! We're introducing new ways of using VR beyond entertainment with three fantastic speakers - Cedric Gamelin of Emblematic Group, Jaana Nykanen of Divine Robot and Mathieu Pradat of La Prairie Productions.

We have three speakers – one in each venue, who will in turn talk about VR within the following three topics; The power of VR, Status quo and the future of VR, and VR as your tool.

Speakers will b demonstrating all kinds of examples of VR. Participants in all three cities will be wearing their own VR headset, and when the speaker asks them to put on the VR headset, they will all do it simultaneously in all three cities, and a VR experience will synchronously start for all participants. After the VR-experience example, the speaker asks the participants to take the VR headset off again, and the talk will continue either on the stage or on screen, depending on location.

The conference will be held twice on Tuesday, June 12. Due to the format, there are only 30 seats available in each city at the time – in total 60 seats in each city. This means that only 180 people, distributed across the three cities, get the opportunity to participate in this exclusive conference.

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The Speakers




As Senior Producer at Emblematic Group Cedric leads many initiatives in building groundbreaking experiences and pioneers new avenues for storytelling. His award-winning work as a producer has been showcased in numerous venues and festivals including the Venice International Film Festival, SXSW, Sundance, Art Basel, The White House and the United States Congress.

About Emblematic
Emblematic is one of the world’s foremost producers of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. Their team of award-winning filmmakers, journalists, designers, and veteran game developers lead the industry in creating fully immersive environments that place the user inside the scene, allowing them to move through, interact, and play with the story.

Emblematic Group website.




Jaana Nykänen, CEO of Divine Robot, has a background in software engineering and gaming. In Divine Robot these two areas constantly converge. A third of the team is educated at The Game Assembly in Malmö, the world’s second best game development education. Together they build large-scale applications used by millions of people worldwide. With technical expertise and creative minds Divine Robot creates user-friendly and purpose-built immersive simulations for various industries.

Divine Robot website.



Mathieu Pradat, CEO of La prairie productions, inscribes his practice within the growing interaction between real and virtual worlds, seen as new territories for stories aiming to bear knowledge and emotions. He explores both linear and interactive narrative forms. His fictions, documentaries and VR works have been selected and awarded throughout the world including Venice Virtual – La Mostra di Venezia (Italy), the Giff & Winterthur (Switzerland), Frankfurt’s Biennale, São Paulo’s Mostra (Brazil), Pantin Côté Courts (France) or Zone Homa Festival of Montreal (Canada).

La Prairie website