Create Converge at Edinburgh International TV Festival

The Festival is a key industry event now in its 44th Year that attracts more than 2000 delegates. Speakers from the highest level of broadcast and online platforms, content production and technology present a sessions with Q&As. Plus highlights of digitial tools to try for free!

Sessions offer excellent opportunities to ask questions and highlight Create Converge, meet speakers at the end of their sessions and network with delegates. Whilst addressing content for broadcast, the show offers excellent content on innovative approaches to producing across all formats and platforms that are highly relevant for engagement with different audiences for purposes beyond entertainment.

This year saw sessions on VR and AI. The TV Festival sessions can be seen at Youtube:


Steve Jelley is an award-winning producer and creative entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in content production, distribution and technology innovation. He is co-founder and joint Managing director of immersive content studio Hammerhead, and of Dimension, one of the world’s most advanced volumetric & 3D capture studios. The session included information on their experience of working with sectors beyond entertainment.

And you can apply for Dimension Studios Partner Programme and get great tools to develop content and apps.



What is volumetric & 3D capture studios?

There’s a great description of this in the context of Dimension’s studios in a blog by Jamie Feltham.

“Volumetric Capture is an immensely promising means of digitizing humans for VR and AR. Using a large number of cameras — 106 in this case — an actor or artist’s performance can be captured at extremely high resolution, and then digitized as a 3D asset that can be dropped into any kind of experience from VR and AR to standard 2D video or 3D playback on tablets.”

There’s a video example of healthcare in action and an important note on the partners Digital Catapult, Hammerhead and Microsoft.

They “are actually more enthusiastic about other, less obvious applications. In healthcare, for example, you can capture highly-detailed scans of a patient’s injury for assessment training. It’s even being used to train doctors in saying no to demanding patients that are begging for antibiotics.”


Tony Emerson, Worldwide Managing Director, Media and Cable Microsoft Corporation

Amazon, Netflix, and Endemol Shine all use Artificial Intelligence. AI is transforming production of and engagement with content.



It can inform creative approaches by providing insight on how audiences interact with content and therefore how it can be made for maximum interest and appeal.


It also allows mining of existing content and data to deliver valuable digital assets for re-use.


As Microsoft itself says: “Video indexer builds upon media AI technologies to make it easier to extract insights from videos. Power new forms of content discovery such as searching for spoken words, faces, characters, and emotions. Enrich your apps with embedded video insights to drive user engagement.”


You can try out their amazing tool for free at:

Watch Tony’s session at