Create Converge at Hamburg Games Conference

The Hamburg Games Conference is back for another edition on 26th February 2019 with the theme Communities – new opportunities for development and marketing.

The Hamburg Games Conference is back for another edition with the theme Communities – new opportunities for development and marketing. This time, the focus is on the enormous potential of communities and what chances they offer for development, PR and marketing.

The conference will give talent and CEOs from gaming and media companies the information they need to prepare for the changes in the digital world by providing them with numerous best-practice examples – because an open and responsible approach to the community and the resulting feedback will offer numerous opportunities.

We have a great line up of speakers from the worlds of games, gamification and marketing.

Lina Berehi (Marketing Manager, THQ Nordic)

Markus Gogolin (Head of Marketing Frankfurter Buchmesse) 

Steffen Grzwia (Head of Marketing & PR, Rocket Beans Entertainment)

Franziska Lehnert (Head of Communication, Bethesda Softworks) 

Valeria Richter (Pebble und Nordic Factory Cph)

Mikkel Robrahn (PietSmiet und Friendly Fire)

Dominik Schönleben (EMEA Community Manager, Niantic)

The full programme can be found at

The conference will take place from 1:00 pm until 6:00 pm. It's followed by a must-attend get-together – the Game City Treff – 12min.GAMES @ Hamburg Games Conference at 7.12 pm.

Create Converge has joined forces with hosts GRAEF Rechtsanwälte, gamecity:hamburg and coordinating for Create Converge is partner Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein.

Create Converge is supported by the European Union North Sea Region VB Programme.


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The Hamburg Games Conference is back for another edition on 26th February 2019 with the theme Communities – new opportunities for development and marketing.

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