Värmland County Administrative Board









Partner Information

Värmland County Administrative Board (VCAB) is a regional authority responsible for coordinating rural development and disseminating knowledge in Värmland. Improving the digital environment is a top priority in VCAB’s agenda. In this context, VCAB is the Managing Authority of the Rural Development Programme, which includes funding for broadband expansion in the territory. In addition, VCAB has environmental goals and carries out environmental monitoring, water management, as well as climate and energy related activities.


Role in CORA     VCAB will be the coordinating partner for SE local partnership and has a strategic role as the leader of CORA test beds work package. Besides investigating regulations for cross-border NGA sharing, VCAB supports Torsby in their pilot, mobilizes stakeholders and disseminate results in the region and beyond. VCAB will make sure that other municipalities and stakeholders are informed and well communicated about the findings. It does that by close collaboration with Innlandet County Council local partnership in the Norwegian side.