University of Lincoln

United Kingdom


Partner Information

The University of Lincoln has competences around the evaluation of policies to facilitate adoption of NGA in rural areas, and to support small and medium-sized enterprises in use of digital technologies. These include two large evaluations of broadband policy, funded through European Regional Development Fund, as well as the establishment of the Lincolnshire Technology Hubs. The Hubs support small and medium-sized enterprises to test out new business models, based on using new digital technologies. More recently, the University has undertaken a work to map the digital landscape of the local region.


Role in CORA     The University will contribute to CORA by sharing examples of community-based NGA initiatives and digital hubs, drawing on experience of policy evaluation and enterprise support projects. It carries out a digital hub pilot and will design a methodology for benchmarking these across partner regions. The University will take a lead on work package 6, which focuses on dissemination of learning from the project. Here it will work with partners to develop policy briefings, and showcase solutions from CORA.