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Partner Information

Torsby has an on-going fiber-project since 2012 by involving residents and forming local fiber-associations. In order to develop local fiber-nets and offer new services, Torsby has created a cooperative environment among government and county agencies, such as the Swedish Transport Department (Trafikverket), Värmland County Administrative Board, the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency(PTS), as well as with contractors and telecom operators in the region.


Role in CORA     Torsby is responsible for the pilot and the investment on the Swedish side. It does this in cooperation with VCAB, the Norwegian partners, telecom operators and contractors. It examines the possibility of developing fiber and/or airborne solutions to provide high capacity internet in very rural areas over an EU-border. It also tests solutions to promote the use of digital services by enterprises and in tourism sector. One main result is the cross border synergy and infrastructure-sharing model.