Oldambt Municipality



Partner Information

Oldambt is a regional municipality appointed from the Province of Groningen as pilot area in CORA. The municipality has a target to provide superfast connection and a high quality level of digital services for all inhabitants and businesses in its territory. To achieve this target, the municipality has been intensively cooperating with several local stakeholder e.g. the church and the foundation Oldambt Verbindt (Oldambt Connected).


Role in CORA     Oldambt municipality participates in diagnostic surveys to find out its existing gaps. This will be followed by pilot activities in cooperation with “Oldambt Verbindt”. The pilot focuses on testing measures for cost efficient broadband development, solutions to enhance the uptake of digital services, promotion of new services i.e. demonstrating smart homes, as well as supporting enterprises and start-ups in their digitalization processes by developing an incubator space.