Municipality of South Djurs



Partner Information

The municipality of South Djurs has knowledge and experience in working with broadband implementation challenges in low density and rural areas. It has been active in the development of welfare technologies by utilizing its newly deployed fiber network. The municipality has been preparing regional digitalization strategies and implementation plans of new public online services in the territory. Moreover, South Djurs has a long tradition in organizing events focused on a socio-economic impact of telecommunication in rural areas.


Role in CORA     The municipality of South Djurs provides inputs regarding local challenges in development, adoption, and use of new telecommunication technologies. South Djurs will also provide input regarding the set-up and results of pilot activities and contributes in developing the training measures. South Djurs will carry out the pilot on telepresence services as welfare enabler, as its main activity in work package 5. It will also organize several dissemination and training events, using local digital hub and a Campaign Bus.