Groningen Internet Exchange Foundation



Partner Information

GN-IX is a non-profit organisation of the City of Groningen, the Groningen University and NOM (development organisation for the Northern Netherlands). Its goal is to promote and facilitate the ICT and telecommunication sector in the Northern Netherlands. GN-IX has experience with development and support of various broadband projects in rural areas. Supporting digital start-ups to stimulate the use of telecommunication technologies is another field of activity by GN-IX.



Role in CORA     GN-IX will participate in the project by providing expert inputs for the CORA Model and developing guiding measures (cost efficient digital infrastructure development and enhancing digital competences). It also supports Oldambt municipality to promote the investments in fiber networks and stimulating the use of these networks. Supporting local start-ups with the aim of stimulating the local economy through establishing the local digital hub (incubator) is another area of activity by GN-IX in CORA.