Vejle Kommune, DK

Denmark has a high level of mandatory digital solutions regarding public services. This leads to increased demand towards citizens' digital skills. The challenges are even more extensive in rural areas. As a result rural areas require alternative solutions to be able to equally benefit from public services on distance. Vejle Municipality has a resilience strategy describing the city‘s focus on Smart City, digital inclusion and social cohesion. Pilot activities in Vejle are in line with the strategy and ensure that local communities and rural areas in Vejle Municipality equally get the chance to develop digital skills, try new tools and build communities around this. Vejle pilot will build on a concept from Vejle Libraries called DIGIzonen and extend it to two test areas (a small town of 4.000-5.000 inhabitants and a small village with about 1.000 inhabitants). DIGIzonen is a modular and flexible inspiration and learning place, which may include diverse digital activities such as workshops, maker spaces, demo-, inspiration- and learning lab, courses, exhibitions, lecture hall and streaming of Open University lectures. Examples of activities are: undefined

  • demo lab with Virtual Reality or robots,
  • gamer cafe’s,
  • digital competences for parents,
  • introduction to best apps for tablets,
  • 3D printing, coding and design.

Vejle uses the CORA training approach in tight cooperation with local councils and identifies needs, opportunities and local partners who can help to establish local communities based on digital learning and creativity. Two test centres will be equipped as local digital hubs and provide public access to equipment, technologies and training courses. Target groups of pilot activities are Vejle Library, FabLAB schools, Municipalities and councils, local educational centres, citizens as well as enterprises.