Syddjurs Kommune, DK

Syddjurs Kommune (SK) has low population density and faces challenges in terms of attracting people to live and settle as well as businesses to get established in the area. Part of the solution for tackling these challenges relies on the modernization and digitalization of the municipality and the area of Djurs. One specific priority topic in the region is telepresence in the context of e-health. The pilot will be carried out in close cooperationundefined with the neighbouring municipality of Norddjurs Kommune (NK), which also shares the same challenges. South Djurs Development Park (Syddjurs Udviklingspark) will be the physical location of the local digital hub. Among the already existing facilities, there is an auditorium with capacity for 75 people, offices, meeting rooms and super-fast broadband connectivity. The headquarters for the home visitation nurses in the municipality is established at Syddjurs Udviklingspark since January 2017 and therefore, SK has a unique opportunity with CORA to pilot the integration of telepresence services in the unit. The pilot will be divided in 3 phases. Each of the phases will conclude with a workshop where (among other activities) the procedures followed and outcomes reached during that phase will be presented to the citizens and other stakeholders. All events will be carried out at the local digital hub, where external experts will be invited to share their knowledge in relevant topics and demonstrate relevant technologies. In addition, SK will equip a Campaign Bus as a mobile digital hub. The bus will drive around the municipality and introduce new technologies to a wider number of citizens and local businesses in rural areas. The citizens will be informed about the present welfare technologies and introduced to the tested telepresence services.