Norddjurs Kommune, DK

One of the main focus points in the Norddjurs Kommune’s (NK) development strategy is oriented towards supporting local small and medium-sized enterprises with the aim of boosting local economy in the municipality and the area of Djurs. NK has already implemented initiatives facilitating access undefinedto available public services and providing required knowledge regarding the processes for establishing businesses in the area. The municipality has a special interest in tourism based businesses and therefore sets this as its main pilot theme in CORA. After a diagnostic survey and preparation of a local pilot plan, one designated expert in NK will act as advisor for local business and potential new entrepreneurs looking for attractive locations to establish their businesses. As part of the plan, promotion and marketing campaigns will be established to inform relevant actors about the business opportunities in the area and to make new knowledge resources digitally accessible for entrepreneurs. With the aim of stimulating tourism businesses, NK plans to deploy a pilot WiFi hotspot in a nature area of the municipality, providing access to tourism oriented digital services and information. The target is that by the end of the project, business owners in the area benefit from their access to proper digital means. At the same time, it is expected that citizens with innovative business ideas and business owners outside Djurs can identify the potential of locating their companies in the area due to the NGA connectivity. The local tourism industry will also benefit from the pilot by offering digital services and the NGA accessibility at touristic locations and accommodations.