Länsstyrelsen Värmland (SE) & Hedmark fylkeskommune (NO) local partnerships

The border region between Sweden and Norway is a rural and extremely sparsely populated area. The municipalities on both sides share the same challenges concerning depopulation and providing services to elderly. NGA (Next Generation Access networks – high capacity networks) could contribute to make the region more attractive for businesses and inhabitants and at the same time make it possible for municipalities to offer digital services such as e-health for the elderly. Today, there are no plans for broadband rollout in the most remote border areas on the Norwegian side. On the Swedish side of the border, however, there will be broadband (fiber) soon, ending in the border villages. The pilot will investigate the possibility for the businesses and inhabitants in Norway to access NGA from Sweden. The CORA partners together with the regional authorities on both sides of the Norwegian-Swedish border will develop and implement a model for connecting NGA across the border. The model has the potential to be used for other regions in the NSR (North Sea Region) and beyond. In this context, the following steps will be carried out: undefined

  • investigation of regulations and legal backgrounds, 
  • mobilisation of stakeholders,
  • training for increased competences among stakeholders,
  • mapping of businesses and households in the border area,
  • planning for NGA,
  • testing optic fiber over the border between two small villages as well as testing of radio link for wireless connections to provide an extremely rural border area between Sweden and Norway with Wi-Fi.

Torsby and Grue Municipalities will be the test cases for optic fibre deployment. The fiber will go over the border from Röjdåfors, a small village in Torsby municipality (where fiber already exists) to the border on the Swedish side. Grue municipality will connect with fiber on the Norwegian side and provide fiber to a small village including a tourist site. Torsby municipality would also like to test a radio link-solution to be placed in an existing cell tower on the Swedish side of the border. This will provide the Norwegian side with superfast wireless connection.