Intercommunale Leiedal, BE

Connectivity, smartness and effective digital services delivery are among the main targets of Leiedal. As an intercommunal organisation, Leiedal aims to connect urban and rural areas in South-West-Flanders through an open fiber network. The focal point of undefinedLeiedal pilot activity will be the installation of camera shields with multiple uses i.e. to safeguard the business parks and the streets. The installed cameras can be used as sensors to create data flow for various purposes. The generated information will trigger the economic activity of various stakeholders and will allow to perform analysis, for example of mobility. To do so, the investment into fiber optics and guiding pipes is necessary to create open networks. All stakeholders in the region have proven interest in valorising the data that is generated by cameras. The feed generates a significant amount of network traffic that is not capitalised. Building a web of sensors accessible through smart fiber hubs, will be the innovative proof of concept that can be tested transnationally by all project partners, because the anonymised data will be made available as open data to them.