Amt Hüttener Berge, DE

The Collective Municipality Hüttener Berge is a service provider for 16 municipalities in remote areas. Their main strategic aims are to increase the attractiveness of those municipalities and to enhance their competitiveness to neighbouring cities. CORA will contribute in providing the software and hardware infrastructure necessary for the development and use of various digital services defined in the digital agenda of undefinedHüttener Berge. Based on this, Hüttener Berge will empower citizens, elementary schools, local institutions and tourists to use new services available through fibre networks. The heart of the digital agenda is a data turntable for a citizen portal, which means a construction of a regional database to connect the different content and the different participants with each other. This builds the foundation of data feed in tourism and citizen terminals. As a result, terminals will be placed in assembly halls, bus stops, bakeries, shops and other public areas to share information. Furthermore, digital training courses for elementary schools, adult education centres, institutions such as voluntary fire fighters are aiming to promote digital learning and the use of digital services for all age groups.