Gemeente Oldambt, NL

Effective communication, informing and involving citizens and local entrepreneurs in the process of development undefinedand using telecommunication and digital technologies is among the main challenges in Oldambt rural areas. In this context, the pilot in Oldambt emphasizes on awareness raising and training digital skills and competences to citizens and enterprises in the area as well as testing smart public welfare solutions. Oldambt will use CORA training concept and provide local workshops and training for digital ambassadors in rural areas. The foundation “Oldambt Verbindt” and GN-IX will closely support the municipality in delivery of the activities. Establishment and demonstration of smart homes, digital hubs for enterprises as well as testing new digital public services are examples of pilot activities in the municipality. In regard to smart home demonstration, the application "Domotica" will be tested in several homes to assess the acceptance by users and to promote the use of smart alternatives in rural area. In this context several homes of the housing association in Nieuwolda will be involved. Furthermore, in cooperation with GN-IX, Oldambt municipality provides in place support (digital hub) for local enterprises and start-ups to establish and improve digital business activities in the area.