Knowledge on digital inclusion in rural areas

CORA partners developed a comprehensive set of guiding measures that help the local and regional authorities to bridge the infrastructural digital divide in rural areas.

The process started with developing a survey guide and carrying our regional surveys to identify local digital baselines and demonstration of common transnational challenges among local and regional participating partners. Built on the findings, the CORA SSE (Systematic Synergy Enhancement) model was developed. The SSE is an online tool comprising on guiding measures for local authorities to fasten the cost efficient digital infrastructure development in their regions.

Besides, the digital hub guide concept was developed, which provides knowledge on planning and operation of fixed and mobile digital hubs such as their physical features, space design as well as their activities and services. Built on the idea of “train the trainer”, the CORA partners developed the conventional and online training concepts and materials. The training measures target local and regional authorities and focus on introducing the benefits of high capacity networks as well as financial and technical solutions for an effective and cost efficient rollout of digital infrastructure in rural areas.