CORA knowledge transfer

The CORA partners strive for mainstreaming, policy briefing and wide scale know-how transfer of the findings. CORA partners follow a mainstreaming plan comprising influential stakeholders, as well as main communication channels to reach and involve them. Furthermore, the results from knowledge base and pilot activities are accumulated and used to develop thematic policy briefings. These include:

  • Strategies for cost efficient and swift development of digital infrastructure in rural areas,
  • Strategies to enhance the take-up of superfast connections in rural areas,
  • Strategies to enhance digital skills and utilization of digital technologies in rural areas,
  • Strategies for local authorities to develop and promote digital services in rural areas.

The policy briefings are communicated to the regional, national as well EU authorities and stakeholders, fed into the EU directives and guidelines on digital divide and digital innovation in rural areas, and widely spread throughout the rural areas in the North Sea Region and Europe.