Story of digital transformation from Intercommunale Leiedal, BE: Smart fibre hubs

20 April 2021 - Published by Peyman Khodabakhsh

CORA partners share their stories of transformation towards a digital society. The Smart fibre hubs pilot in South West Flanders opened a digital business hub K-orner, installed a network of telraam sensors and collected a range of data stored in an integrated data platform Leiedal Data As A Service (LDAAS), as well as organised a range of workshops, trainings and webinars to improve knowledge and skills of the employees of local governments, companies and citizens in using and adopting the developed digital services.


For rural and remote areas to stay attractive for families and businesses, they need a healthy digital environment. This requires a digital infrastructure, well-developed digital services, and sufficient digital skills among the population. The CORA partners faced their challenges and tested own solutions designed to bridge the digital divide in their regions. Check all nine stories of connecting remote areas with digital infrastructure and services.