Story of digital transformation: COnsultation for tReatment of Dementia in Syddjurs Kommune, DK

08 March 2021 - Published by Peyman Khodabakhsh

CORA partners share their stories of transformation towards a digital society. The  COnsultation for tReatment of Dementia (CORD) pilot helps relatives of people with dementia within the Syddjurs Municipality to get counselling quickly. The anticipated result is a digital system for patients with dementia and their families, which allows for a faster response time to current incidents. By providing consultations online, the travel time of coordinators is also reduced, which will lead to more efficient medical care. The workshops involve all parties concerned in the development and implementation of a system. The pilot is being carried out in close cooperation with the neighbouring municipality of Norddjurs, which also shares the same challenges.


For rural and remote areas to stay attractive for families and businesses, they need a healthy digital environment. This requires a digital infrastructure, well-developed digital services, and sufficient digital skills among the population. The CORA partners faced their challenges and tested own solutions designed to bridge the digital divide in their regions. Check all nine stories of connecting remote areas with digital infrastructure and services.