Security in the digital world

05 October 2020 - Published by Peyman Khodabakhsh
Secure IT network and systems are essential for our daily lives. We want our personal and business communication and data safe.

We want to keep the online society and economy running. The cyber criminals do not attack computers, they are interested in us and our information. We may be of interest to hacker for reasons we do not understand. Let us stay alert and stay safe. We have to keep learning how to stay secure in the digital world. We can make sure, that each of us separately and also together as a society, we are safe on our digital journey.

You can learn more about the cybersecurity from the free online courses at You will find out who the cyber criminals are, how do they perform their attacks and how to prevent an attack, about cyber security in Internet of Things (IoT) & industry and much more.

Staying secure in the digital world is easier than you think. Keep your passwords strong, keep your software updated, do not trust strangers, think before you click and apply common sense rules! If you stay safe, you help others to be safe.