Let us find new ways to boost digital learning!

15 July 2020 - Published by Peyman Khodabakhsh
In the light of COVID-19, Vejle libraries had to find new ways.

It was, and still is, challenging. We had to postpone or cancel digital learning activities in our two physical hubs. However, we could do something instead. In good dialogue with the project group and colleagues we found alternative opportunities and implemented them.

We bought digital learning equipment that two kids could test from home. We considered learnings from other projects that could benefit our CORA pilot. This led us to translate a new board game, which facilitates democratic dialogue around digital technologies and their effects on our lives and societies. Two local schools have been offered to test it.

Within Vejle municipality we also identified the link between mental health, isolation and digital learning. As one of the possible solutions, we engaged in a mutual initiative to address the needs of local citizens and help them. For example, by teaching them about digital solutions that could connect them with their family or give them access to cultural offerings, new knowledge or a local interest group, while staying at home. All these promote their skills and mental health – and help connect remote areas and isolated people with each other and with services.