Digital solutions in Corona times: Hüttener Berge goes for tele-meetings

30 March 2020 - Published by Peyman Khodabakhsh
The Hüttener Berge office uses digital solutions for tele-meetings during the current Corona crisis to reduce personal contacts to a minimum and, by this, protect citizens and administration.

Since, as a protective measure to contain the pandemic, assemblies are currently not permitted, several of the meetings and activities would have to be put on hold. Instead, partners have responded to the required safety precautions and organize meetings by phone and video.

The Hüttener Berge office benefits greatly from the fact that, when implementing the digital agenda, money has been used to create technical alternatives to personal contact. With the support from the CORA project, the office was able to invest in its digital infrastructure that now helps take new paths in the project work.

The photo shows Mr Andreas Betz, Hüttener Berge office, in front of the e-screen during the video conference of the focus group "Marketing". All other participants were in home office. The results of the meeting were documented online and visible to everyone. Also coordination meetings with the mayors take place via video and telephone conferences.

Photo: Achim Messerschmidt,