CORA trainings: Digital skills for local communities

10 March 2020 - Published by Peyman Khodabakhsh
The free trainings on digital skills for local communities helps you with identify key components of digital competences for citizens, challenges your community faces and practical solutions.

Limited access and use of digital technologies in rural areas are accompanied by a lack of digital skills of different social groups (e.g. elderly people) and in businesses. The basic digital skills and competences help individuals to interact online and consume digital goods and services. Advanced skills empower the workforce to take advantage of technology for enhanced productivity and economic growth. Digital literacy and the awareness of the possibilities digitalisation offers is a key driver for new business models, applications and services contributing to the social cohesion and economic prosperity in Europe.

The free training course Digital skills for local communities will help you:

  • Name the five key components of digital competences for citizens
  • Identify the challenges your local community faces in terms of digital skills
  • Find practical solutions to deal with those challenges

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