CORA project at the Broadband World Forum 2017, Berlin

01 November 2017 - Published by Peyman Khodabakhsh
In the framework of the BBWF Conference 2017, the CORA project was introduced to European broadband stakeholders at the the “Governmental Workshop” on 24 November organised by atene KOM. Over 100 experts, decision makers and representatives from local, regional and national authorities Germany and the EU Member States discussed the latest broadband topics from policy measures to local best practices.

The workshop was featured with keynotes from the European Commission, atene KOM, German Federal Broadband Bureau as well as a panel discussion in the context of current broadband issues in Europe. This was followed by an introduction to the CORA project (COnnecting Remote Areas with digital infrastructure and services) with the focus on bridging rural digital divide in Europe. The workshop brought together stakeholders from all over Europe and developing a common platform to exchange knowledge and experience on broadband initiatives and practices. For further information about the workshop and the CORA project at the Broadband World Forum 2017 please contact Mr Peyman Khodabakhsh from atene KOM, the organiser of the Governmental Workshop at