CORA pilots: the digital bus in Djursland, DK

22 November 2019 - Published by Peyman Khodabakhsh
The Digital infrastructure has become as important to us as electricity and water supply. How can we visualize this to the citizens and stress the importance of digital infrastructure in rural areas?

We simply use a bus to get out and meet the citizens! The CORA Digital Bus brings knowledge of digital infrastructure to citizens. The bus is used at events in the local communities and functions as a showroom within these five topics:

  • High speed broadband
  • The digital future
  • Digital solutions
  • Smart communities
  • Digital skills

”We want to reach out and be proactive. We want to meet citizens and businesses on their terms. We can do that with the digital bus.” says Henrik Friis, Project Manager of the CORA Bus.

The Digital Bus is the result of cooperation between the municipalities of Syddjurs and Norddjurs in Denmark. It is part of the CORA project, where it is used to explore the concept of a mobile digital hub – a place where the public can gain access to wireless network, explore technologies and develop digital skills.

The Digital Bus offers endless possibilities. It has even been used as a creative counter-terrorism measure. The bus is an obvious solution for facilitating co-creation – it provides space where citizens can contribute to develop digital solutions. The next step is to explore how the bus may support the development of digital skills.

Quick facts about the bus:

  • 12 metres long
  • Originally the bus was a mobile library
  • Used as a showroom and a mobile meeting room with video conference